If You've Got a Minute

You've got to see this. You will not see a better struck volley.


Greatest Song Championship

The Greatest Song Challenge is down to the Championship. Vote here.


Casual Fan

So when I'm just about to head to bed, I flip to channel 14 and discover that the Jazz are only 7 behind the Lakers in the 4th quarter. It's the playoffs, so I plop myself back down to see it unfold. The Jazz come up with some big steals and Deron Williams hits some huge shots. The lead is cut to three with a couple of minutes to go. I become invested in this game, and watch as the Jazz continually turn the ball over, miss shots, and get called for weak fouls. The free throw fest drags the game out, and I'm too tired to get off the couch. In the end, I go to bed late after watching another comfortable Laker victory.



I just sent out evite invitiations. In case I don't have your email address, here is the information:

What: CITY CUP 2009
What? Backyard 3 on 3 soccer tournament
When: Saturday, May 9, 2:00pm
Where: Jesse and Natalie's house
How intense? somewhat, but mostly just fun.
Technical Level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced will be represented on each team.

Click here for a recap of last year's tournament.


Gig, not an Irish dance

My new cover band, Mimic, will be playing at the pre-game festivites outside of Rio Tinto stadium on Saturday, April 25th. We'll start around 5:00ish and play 'till about 6:40. It should be a good time if the weather is nice. It is free to the public (if you want to go to the game after we're done playing you can buy a ticket there.)


Greatest Song Round 3

It just keeps getting harder. I had to take a minute to listen to some of the songs for one final reference because the matchup was such a toss up. Vote HERE. Have fun.