Huntington Beach

On our way to the airport after our Disneyland adventure, we stopped at Huntington Beach to play on the beach and see the ocean. It was just before dusk and the light was really amazing. I grabbed the camera and started snapping photo after photo. Abby was so mesmerized by the waves and the sea shells that she was almost completely oblivious to me. It was really fun to see her experience the ocean for the first time, and I think these photos do a pretty good job of capturing the moments.

The Magic Kingdom - Part 2



The Magic Kingdom - Part 1

 Disneyland was amazing. Here is some photographic evidence.

Brianna (Abby's BFF all weekend) and Leslie.

Natalie somehow caught this amazing picture of us flying by on Thunder Mountain. Just don't ask her for a good carousel shot.

Tiffany, Ryan, Mr Blue Shades

How can you not love these girls?

Jasmine pinching Aladdin's hind quarters.

The Fam on Small World

Abby LOVED the carousels.

Lady in background did NOT LOVE me taking this picture.

Huntington Beach. Abby was obsessed with the sea shells.