(This doesn't count as my next post, just my next picture.)


You Decide

So it has been months since I've really written anything interesting, so I thought I would give you my faithful readers a chance to choose the next post topic.

"3 Games That Changed My Life"


"Why Music? Why Christmas?"

Let me know in the comments which blog you would like me to write next. Hopefully this little experiment will inspire me to start writing a little more consistently.


Track of the Day

So we posted our latest Herod the Fink track to an online review site, and we were awarded with the track of the day today. I don't really know what it means other than the track being featured on the rock/pop page. It is fun to get some outside feedback though.


Old Friend

Listening to a favorite album from my high school years. Man, it feels like I'm catching up with an old friend.


At the Movies


Nerdiest Band Photo Ever

We only got one photo of our performance at the Herod the Fink CD release party in December, and I realized we had captured the nerdiest band photo ever taken. Keep in mind, it was also a Christmas sweater party before you judge us too harshly.


Facts Humans Love to Divulge

This is more of an observation than anything. Certain facts (I assume they are facts because they have been divulged so much to me) just seem to be really popular to share, and I wonder if I'm alone in this line of thought. My prime example is the fact that "a dogs mouth is actually cleaner than a humans. In fact if you get a cut, you should have a dog lick it off." I have heard one or both of these companion statements somewhere in the neighborhood of 143 times.

Yesterday, a co-worker informed me about a friend of hers who tried to stop a couple of dogs from fighting and received a minor bite from one of them on his thumb. The bite became infected and he ended up need to have a portion of his thumb amputated! That seemed to contradict the clean mouth theory I had heard so often.

Anyhow, my point in this post was to discover other facts (or "facts" as the case may be) that you've noticed people around you including perfect strangers are willing to share. In fact, did you know that (insert number between 1 and 99) percent of statistics are made up?