Really Growing Up

I swear she looks older every day when I get home from work. It's kind of scary how fast it's happening.

MLS CUP 2009

At Pioneer Square before the march to the match.

Oh heck yes.

Die hard fans / friends.

Brothers who are really happy.

This doesn't really do the march justice. It was amazing.

Sharing pregame festivities with Coach Kreis at Pikes Market prior to the match. If you notice, I'm telling Kries to have Robbie Russell kick 7th if it goes to penalties. I don't really want to take all the credit here, but I'd like to think I contributed to the victory.


The Kid Cracks us Up

I realize the lack of Abby posts over the last few months. I apologize. She is growing up so fast, and I don't have time to fully document at the moment. I do have time to briefly address her fun personality. She makes us laugh out loud every day without exception. Here are some examples.

1. She is very cute when she is looking for something. When she tries to find something on the floor, she will bend over so far that the top of her head is resting on the ground as she searches. Sometimes, by looking between her legs, she will then notice us on the other side of the room and chuckle to herself.

2. Natalie just bought a jump rope, and Abby has decided it is her microphone. She drags it around with her with the handle to her mouth and the cable dragging behind, "shuush, shuu, shuush, shush..."

3. She loves when we bless the food (and makes sure we do it even at restaurants.) Sometimes she will whisper some syllables. She loves the ending the most. She used to say "menmen" or something like it, but now "done" is the preferred ending word.

4. She helps conduct the music at church. She is very serious and deliberate in her motions.

5. She can already carry a tune. She has the ability to match a note we are singing, and sometimes even mimic a string of notes. I am a proud papa for sure.


I'm Just Going to Say It...

Scouts is so weird! Example: If you're at a scout meeting and they tell you there's a "Cracker Barrel in the multipurpose room," it means there's doughnuts or some other type of refreshments in that room. Why wouldn't you just say that?


Desperate Husbands Chorus

I'm writing a song for next year's Christmas album called Desperate Husbands Chorus. It is about last minute gift shopping for your spouse. Should be good times.




I'm not going to make a resolution to blog a certain amount per week or month. It has been a while, and I haven't really written much of interest for a couple of months. I haven't lost interest in blogging, I've just been more interested in getting other things done. My creative endeavor time recently has been dominated by making Christmas music, painting, freelance work, and cover band stuff. I do like the idea of being a guy who gets things done, and hopefully soon I can balance everything out to the point that I can get back to blogging a bit more consistently. After all, it is in fact another thing that I can "get done." My resolution for 2010 is simple: be a man of action, not a man of intentions.