Stuff I Admire About Dad

  • I have to think hard to remember a time I heard him complain about anything.
  • When he had the chance to move to Samoa, he took it. (Despite having a very young family of five.)
  • He made sure we had a boat so we could have something we could do together as a family.
  • He can quote large portions of Joseph Smith history and certain sections of D&C.
  • He is a walking encyclopedia with extensive sections in (transmissions, cars, gospel, church history, general wisdom, morals, family management.)
  • He followed the personal revelation that he should serve a mission despite not being an active member of the church in his youth.
  • He was a powerful, effective, compassionate, and forward-thinking missionary.
  • No matter how big or small, he has always risen to the occasion and magnified his church calling.
  • He is a great leader.
  • He grew up in Southern California in the 1950's. (Okay, maybe this one is more envy than admire.)
  • He is his kids and grand kids' biggest fan.
  • He is amazing with Abby, it is so fun to watch them interact.
  • He always makes a big deal out of his kids' birthdays.
  • I've learned from experience that he will always be MUCH stronger than I am.
  • He always has time to help, or listen, or just relax together.
Happy Birthday Dad! You are the best.