Like Robert Goulet on my Stereo!

For a while now I've been telling everyone who will listen how amazing Robert Goulet's Wonderful World of Christmas album is. I even put it in a song for heaven's sake. For those of you whose eardrums have not been tickled by this excellent music, I give you a small sampling after the break:


Strung Out - Matchbook - Best post break-up song for young dudes ever?

I think most people would agree that mixing all the growing pains of youth and young adulthood with romantic relationships is a recipe for some pretty strong and emotional heartache. With that in mind, I present you with the best post-break-up-song-for-young-dudes ever. This song was a favorite of mine for years, and still strikes a chord. The .mp3 version below doesn't quite do the sublimely aggressive yet melodic guitar tone justice, but you'll get the idea.

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by Strung Out (lyrics by Jason Cruz)

I can see it in your eyes
I can hear it in your voice
the signs are obvious
that all we had has run its course
and I don't mind giving up the upper hand
in this little charade
cause I've spent too many nights here on the floor
waiting for something inside you to change

Don't look back in anger now is all that you can see
cause angers all I got to keep me warm when you're away
and I know that this is nothing new
but tonight it's all I know
disconnect myself from your memory
and never feel anything at all
to justify with all your words
don't mean anything to me
cause I've cut you off

So here we stand and face each other
we've got nothing to say
a flashback to another time
when silence was a welcomed friend
now I'm sorry I can never really say
all the things going on inside my head
silence is a justified expression of my war
now nothings like it was before

Don't look back in anger now is all that you can see
cause angers all I got to keep me warm when you're away
and all your words and all your actions
don't mean anything to me
cause I've cut you off

Don't look back at anger
Don't look back at anger
Don't look back at anger
It's just a memory

It's easy to forget your face
and it's easy to survive in this place
without you, without you
I just comb my hair and wash my face
keep straight ahead and keep my pace
just think about nothing, I might never be alright
well I got my friends, I got my pen
got a million distractions to keep me warm
and I know that I'll be alright, that I'll be alright


Dustin Kensrue | Sufjan Stevens

These songs were a big inspiration to starting Herod the Fink last year.


Random Christmasness

> This year, I've learned that if you focus on protecting your precious time, you end up with a lot of empty hours. If you try to find a way to good things and stretch yourself, time issues have a way of working themselves out.

> Natalie and I have went to Hale Center Theater's production of "A Christmas Carol" on Saturday. I had forgotten how beautiful the language is, and what a poignant message of Christ is within. It is amazing how often this classic story is redone (or butchered as the case may be) and how in almost every case Christ is removed altogether. Give me the original or give me nothing. A Muppet Christmas Carol might be my lone exception, but even that version uses lots of passages from the original text.

> I have been amazed at the response at our living room shows. It has been so much fun to share this music with so many people, and to realize that the world is full of really good souls.

> Growing up, I knew the right "Sunday school" answers as to why Christmas is special, but is has only been much more recently that it has really sunken in. The Creator of the world condescended into the humblest circumstances in order to allow his Father's most prize creation (us) to reach our full potential. He came into a world that was lost, and claimed victory for all who would follow him. I can't put it any better than Dustin Kensrue in his song "This is War."

This is War
by Dustin Kensrue

This is war like you ain't seen.
This winter's long, it's cold and mean.
Where hang dark hearts which stood condemned,
But the tide turns now at Bethlehem.

This is war and born tonight,
The Word is flesh, the Lord of Light,
The Son of God, the low-born king;
Who demons fear, of whom angels sing.

This is war on sin and death;
The dark will take it's final breath.
It shakes the earth, confounds all plans;
The mystery of God as man.