Happy Memories

Lately, it seems like there has been a lot of sad things happening to people I know and love. A large majority of these instances have been completely out of control of the people they are affecting the most. I thought it might be good to generate some discussion and sharing of happy memories. Seems how this is my idea I'll start.

Memory #1 - Last summer we attended our friends Jake and Eli's wedding reception. It was in a lush, green, secluded back yard on one of those perfect summer evenings. The light back there was incredible and Abby was having a great time dancing to the music and running in circles on the grass. We were there with some of our best friends, most of whom we hadn't seen for some time. I can't put my finger on exactly why it was so great, but I distinctly remember thinking that night that I was experiencing something very close to heaven.  I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Memory #2
- This one is hard to explain, and it is not so much a solitary memory because it has happened more than once. Sometimes when I'm in a social setting, I'll catch a glance of Natalie from across the room and for a second I'm seeing her again for the first time. It is similar to times when you see pictures or video of yourself from an angle your not used to seeing. It takes a second for you to realize who you are looking at followed by a flood of thoughts. Do I really walk like that? Etc. However, when this happens with Natalie, after the recognition takes place a flood of memories of our lives together comes into my brain and it makes me happy.

Memory #3 - I remember being a very young kid, and being incredibly excited for my older brothers to come home from college. I would watch tv with the volume low so I could listen for the back door and hear the familiar voice. It always seemed like an eternity waiting for them, but they always made me feel like a million bucks when the time finally came.

Please, share some good memories, I think we could all use them.