My cover band will be playing a free show on the East lawn in front of Rio Tinto Stadium on State Street in Sandy this Friday, July 3rd from 6:15-7-40. Come check it out if you so desire. Remember your dancing shoes and clapping hands.


My Thoughts on the US Loss

Bob Bradley has discovered a truly great starting 11 during the Confederations Cup. There was just too much drop off in talented, in form players on the tournament roster. Having said that, barring a ton of injuries, the US should be in a lot better shape depth wise next summer. There are a lot of midfielders who have a full year to round themselves into form.

For me, three factors did the Americans in. Michael Bradley's absence (due to a red card suspension), the immediate second-half goal from Brazil, and good old fashioned fatigue.

If Michael Bradley was holding down the midfield, making timely tackles, and sparking quick counter attacks, the game plays out differently in the second half. That coupled with the magical Failhaber for Altidore sub with Dempsey moving up top could have proved all-important.

For obvious reasons, the Brazil goal directly after second half kickoff was their most important. Demerit had good positioning in the play and made a good, agressive challenge. A combination of skill and luck saw Fabiano's fantastic turn and shot slip just between Demerits legs and out of Howard's reach into the back of the net.

The US just didn't have enough in the tank in the second 45 to keep the kind of pressure on the Brazilian midfield that they were able to put on Spain. As a result, Brazil was relentless in their attacking either flank.

If the US had been able to avoid one or two of these things, they stood a good chance. Having to deal with all three was too much.

In the end, they lost on one of the best headers I have ever seen. The power and precision of Lucios finish was second to none.


Saturday Night

I heard about this deal for $7 tickets to the RSL vs Toronto FC match at Rio Tinto on Saturday.

Follow this link and use the promo code "kall700" to obtain the $7 ticket. Every seat in the stadium is a good one, so you can't really go wrong with this.



2-0 is a beautiful scoreline for any U.S. Men's National Soccer Team fan, and it just got that much more pretty. You see, the U.S. has made it a habit in recent years of beating arch rival Mexico by that particular scoreline. Today, the U.S. knocked Spain out of the tournament in the semifinal of the Confederations Cup in South Africa by the same score. Stunning. Inspiring. Beautiful. Highlights below.

No Thanks

I was reading my friends/band mates blog about a pretty awkward grocery store experience, and was reminded of a somewhat similar experience I had last year.

Despite my occupation, I rarely make it out to concerts any more. Last year, my company put on a concert for a band that my good friend Jeremy represented as a booking agent. Jeremy and I made plans to meet up at the show and check it out. As we were watching the opening band play I noticed a girl glancing over somewhat frequently, and I figured maybe she thought she knew me. I looked over and determined that I had never met her before. As the bands set ended Jeremy was talking to a coworker, and I noticed the girl heading toward me from my left periphery with a determined stride. Without fully stopping she said, "I'm going to get a drink," motioning to the bar area at the other side of the club, "do you want one?"

I was caught a little off guard. My train of thought went something like this:
>"she's really determined in her stride"
> "I am kind of thirsty."
> "drink" means "alcoholic beverage"
> she's asking me "for a drink."
> this is the non-Mormon way of getting to know other singles.
>"I'm not single."
> "this is the first time I've ever been offered alcohol."
> "That's kind of weird, you would think it would have happened first in High School or College."
> "Answer her, dummy, she's determined in her stride."

She was behind me now, having slowed down to wait for my answer. I turned to face her while the aforementioned train of thought was traveling down the rails of my mind. I'm not sure how long it was from first thought to the "answer her dummy" part, but there were probably some consecutive seconds of awkwardness accompanied by a very dignified "uuuuuuuuuuuuuh." Finally I blurted out, "no, thanks."

"Oh." she said as she continued her determined stride tot the other side of the club.
"I..." I meant to explain that I'm a happily married LDS man who was flattered by her invitation but clearly unable to oblige, but she was long gone.

I don't really know what the point of this story is, but it's funny to look back on. I was like a little peek into a completely different social world, and it was pretty awkward. Let me just say, I don't envy the singles who are trying to work the club scene. Having said that, how could a bar or club be any less awkward than a "linger longer" at a student ward or a cookie and punch social in a Young Single Adult ward?

Conclusion? Being single is full of awkward moments, and it's best to just embrace them. One day you'll look back and have a good laugh.


Fast Food Guilty Pleasure

For my first post after the "I exist" philosophical introduction yesterday, I have chosen the very deep topic of fast food. (For our purposes, I will define fast food as food obtained at an eating establishment where you are not waited on.) I've recently come to the conclusion that everybody has a few fast food favorites. Natalie has a soft spot for soft serve chocolate ice cream. My boss loves Quiznos toasted subs. Here are my guilty pleasure fast foods:

1. Taco Time - Crisp Bean Burrito. So simple and delicious and deep fried.

2. Moochies - Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. I just ate here for the first time yesterday, but I can already say it is a fast food favorite of mine. Having just recently sampled one of these remarkable sandwiches at the famous "Jims" in Philadelphia, I can say these are authentic. Apparently the owners moved out here from Philly.

3. Arbys - Curly Fries. I'm a fan of the roast beef sandwiches, but the curly fries really make it worth while.

4. Burger King - Grilled Chicken Combo. I've never been a fan of Burger King, but a couple of years ago Natalie coaxed me into giving it another shot. I tried the grilled chicken and I've been pretty into it ever since. This meal is only once in a while (usually on a road trip). I mentioned the meal because the fries are usually quite good for a drive through.

5. Little Ceasars - Hot 'n' Ready. Pizza snobs will roll their eyes at this one. If you just appreciate it for what it is, you will not be disappointed. As a bonus, this is the fastest of all the fast food, hands down.

I actually feel a little embarrassed now. What are your fast food guilty pleasures?


I Exist

For some reason, this concept has been on my mind a lot lately. The miracle of existence. I exist. However improbable or unlikely, I am an intelligent, self-aware, living, and breathing organism capable of reason, logic, understanding, and change.

I've come to the conclusion that this most basic and universal truth carries with it a great responsibility, to discover the reason for the miracle for existence. I've decided to use this blog as an outlet to explore these concepts and ideas, and I hope it will spur some interesting discussion.

Some ideas I plan to explore are these:

I exist

Matter exists

Universal laws exist

Moral laws exist

Time exists

God exists

Obviously, these are quite in-depth and sometimes heavy topics, but I don't think they receive a lot of attention or thought. I don't consider myself an expert on any of these subjects, but I do find it interesting to think about, reason, and discuss. Feel free to chime in with any other topics that you think would be fun to look at.


Post Number 100: Doo-Wop on a Train

We were able to capture some video of one of my very favorite moments from our trip. We had just sat down on our seats in the subway when this group of guys started singing. I've always loved doo-wop music, and had considered it a dead genere, but for a few minutes on a train in New York it was alive and well. Abby's reaction was priceless, and the singers just loved her. This is a memory I will keep with me for a very long time.


Best Vacation Ever

Here is our Pennsylvania/Delaware/New York trip in reverse chronological order. Imagine you're traveling backwards in time with us through all of the sights and shenanigans. Did I mention it was the best vacation ever?

Delicious Italian dinner in Little Italy. Loved that neighborhood.

Lady Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. (I felt so close to Billy at this point.)

The Big Apple from the Ferry.

Whirlwind bike tour of Central Park. Safety First.

I need to spend some more time in Central Park sometime. Beautiful.

Kayaking in the Hudson. The odd guy on the left in the goggles is telling me that I'm holding my paddle wrong.

The lobby of our super cool botique hotel we got for a screaming deal on hotwire.com.

Abby in Times Square.

Traffic was blocked off, and there were hundreds of lawn chairs in the street. I loved it.

Abby's cousins Christian and Max were great with her all week.

MoMA. Picasso. Heaven.

MoMA. Van Gogh. Jaw on floor.

Cute girls. Sister Tiff. Daughter Abby.

Independence Hall. Birthplace of our nation. 

Abby is getting heavy. She is still cute. Star Wars nerds will be reminded of the very similar Chewbacca/C-3PO arrangement in Empire  Strikes Back.

We discovered a time portal on the bench. 

Philly's Game. Irish Night. Free green hats. Sweet.

Intercourse, PA.

Birthplace of Amish Country Football Club.

Amish man and horse-driven plow. 

Hans the friendly Amish giant.

Tiff and Ryan. Best hosts/tour guides/jokesters ever. 

The worst piece of art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the only one I got a picture of. The museum is incredible. I think I liked it even a little more than MoMA. You will remember Rocky running up the steps to the building. Hence the statue. Coincidentally, I'm dressed kind of "Rocky-ish."

View of Philly from the museum steps.

Max taking down the land shark that was terrorizing the neighborhood.

This is in Tiff and Ryan's neighborhood. Seriously. 

Pool time.

Abby's new swimsuit.

Say Goodbye To Hollywood

I've always loved this song by the great Billy Joel, especially the lyrics. I've also always loved singing with my sister Tiffany, so when we visited her I made sure to bring some equipment and do a little recording. This was the result. (Click on the title of this post to listen to the song.)