100 Thingys Numero Dos

51. I'm currently working on writing and recording some alt-county tunes.

52. Sometimes I really like them, sometimes I can only hear what's wrong with them.

53. The past year or so, I've gotten pretty lazy about shaving every day.

54. Natalie hates number 53.

55. I had really long hair my senior year of high school/first semester of college.

56. The top was long, and it was shaved up underneath. At the time, lots of people told me how much they loved it.

57. I wonder if they were just being nice.

58. Baggy shirts, pants, and shorts were in style at the time.

59. Dad told us how silly it was, and I told him how silly he was: with his clothes that actually fit his body and all.

60. Whilst living in Cache Valley, I discovered Wrangler jeans.

61. While I'm promoting clothing, let me put in a plug for Gold Toe socks. They are amazing, I had about 5 pair last my entire mission.

62. I'd say about 90-95% of my wardrobe was previously owned when I bought it.

63. I guess I never grew out of the hand-me-down mentality.

64. My teeth weren't very straight in elementary school.

65. Dad made me push them into place.

66. It actually kind of worked.

67. Tell that to your orthodontist.

68. I still remember the look on the dental assistant's face when Dad told her our plan of action for straightening my teeth.

69. Oh boy.

70. I've recently read a couple of Kurt Vonnegut books. It's amazing how something can be so funny and so sad at the same time.

71. In middle school, I borrowed a tape from James that I think Curtis had recorded for him. It was Lagwagon Duh on one side, and Lagwagon Hoss on the other.

72. At first I thought it was pretty weird.

73. I gave it some more listens, and absolutely loved it.

74. I had never heard rock that was as passionate and intense while still being melodic. I had never really heard rock that had a message, that was not spitting out the same tired garble about love.

75. They became my favorite band for a while, along with Boston of course.

76. This led to a whole new world of music and some of my favorites included: Strung Out, Face to Face, The Descendents, Bad Religion, CIV, D.R.I., A.F.I., The Bouncing Souls, The Vandals, among many others.

77. I remember going to Sick of It All/A.F.I. with Jeremy in 1998 I think. I had never and still have never seen someone command the stage like Davey Havoc did at that show.

78. The mission provided a break from punk rock music.

79. You'd think with 13 million Mormons in the world, there would be a wider and better selection of mission appropriate music.

80. Natalie is waiting for me. She's not that into blogs at all.

81. It's kind of weird.

82. After all, I am her husband, and I'm terribly interesting.

83. The music landscape was different after my mission, the internet being the main catalyst for the change.

84. People actually wore clothes that fit them. Cars seemed huge. Skaters were not just cool, but everyone was trying to dress like them. The government had built skate parks everywhere.

85. Almost all of my friends had long, shaggy hair. I was jealous. I had come to the sad conclusion that my haircut would pretty much be the same for the rest of my life. Long hair just doesn't work for me.

86. I remember Jeremy burned me a bunch of new music of bands that I needed to hear. These included Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, and Saves the Day.

87. I really tried to like Thursday, but it just never really clicked for me.

88. Most of the music I have ever loved, I discovered through Jeremy or James.

89. Thanks guys.

90. For a lot of my adult life, I have had a "number one t-shirt."

91. I think I have a lot of solid t-shirts, but no clear number one shirt.

92. Natalie is getting impatient, so I'm hurrying.

93. We have to go change the oil in our vehicles. It's just a part of life.

94. If you haven't heard yet, Natalie and I are having a baby.

95. Natalie will do most of the work, and I will try to support. ( speaking of the labor )

96. She's been sick a lot lately, and I don't really know what to do to make her feel better. I have in the process discovered ways to make her feel worse.

97. I'm almost freaking done.

98. I'm wearing a striped, button up shirt.

99. I have never owned a really good pair of headphones.

100. Despite my obvious love of music, I have yet to obtain an ipod.


100 Things - Part 1

1. The first CD I ever bought was Boston's self titled debut album from 1976.

2. I would come home from school every day and blast it on mom's stereo in the living room and sing along to every word at the top of my lungs.

3. Nobody was home.

4. Most people think of me as quiet and shy when they first meet me.

5. Most people don't think of me as quiet and shy once they get to know me.

6. If you want to completely shut down the lines of communication with me, cut me off mid-sentence more than once.

7. I just got a letter from myself from Seminary my Sophomore year.

8. I can't believe my teacher
a. held on to it for 10 years, and
b. actually mailed it to me.

9. It said that I expected myself to be home from a mission, married, and graduating as a physical therapist. (Two out of three isn't bad.)

10. I forgot that I wanted to be a physical therapist.

11. Only one of my seminary teachers really made an impact on my life. It was 9th grade seminary with Brother Beardall. He was a great teacher and he cared a lot about us. He also understood my sense of humor.

12. I had some great professors in college.

13. I only really regret taking one class in college, it was called philosophy of religion. I know, it sounded good to me too. It was a joke.

14. Zero percent preparation by professor = painful class experience.

15. My first car was a maroon 1987 Chevrolet Camaro.

16. It was fast, but I drove it like a grandma.

16. My second car was a Toyota 4WD Wagon, and it was great in the snow.

17. My third car was a 1984 Honda.

18. It was in really good condition, but It couldn't handle the Nevada desert heat, or the Logan winter cold. It died - a lot.

19. In one summer that little honda broke down 6 times. Two alternators, two fuel pumps, and one electrical system overhaul are some things I remember.

20. Oh, did I mention that same summer it was broken into. They took my CD's (a bunch), and all the tools I had amassed trying to fix the car during that summer.

21. A week later, when I left the apartment to go sell living scriptures in Carson City an hour away, my car was gone. It was stolen.

22. It was stolen by a 6 foot tall red headed cowboy.

23. He smoked.

24. Three days later, he drove my car to a dealership to "test drive" a Toyota supra.

25. I was just amazed that the car held up for three days without breaking down again.

26. When he didn't show up with the Supra, the dealership dug through the glove box and found my information.

27. When I got the car back, It no longer had a CD player or speakers.

28. It was okay, cause the other guy had already taken my CD's.

29. I was really grateful at that point for all the singing I had done in seventh grade in the living room after school.

30. I cried when a cop pulled me over on my first day in Logandale Nevada. It had been a long day of scorching heat (111 degrees, no A.C.), dead ends, being lost, and rejection.

31. He asked me if "my manager was bearing down" on me.

32. James was my manager.

33. Jeremy was REALLY stressed that he wasn't going to make enough money.

34. From living scriptures sales school "be funny, make money."

35. That meant we were supposed to plan out some really lame jokes to work into our presentations.

36. Man, that was just a great summer.

34. Recess in elementary school was amazing.

35. Biker shorts were a really cool thing to wear in the fourth grade.

36. I just threw up into my mouth a little.

37. I had a pair of said biker shorts.

38. They fit quite loosely. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, it's not surprising.

39. We moved offices this week.

40. We were at Bastille in the Gateway mall.

41. Now we're in the Dakota Lofts on 4th west and 2nd south.

42. I'm pretty happy with the new setup except that all the heat vents are on the ceiling and the heat just goes right up the stairs.

43. I'm a huge wuss when it comes to the cold.

44. because I don't have much meat on my bones.

45. I played in a band called 30 Life Code in college.

46. Yes, that is a Contra reference from the original NES game.

47. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, select, start. That's for two player.

48. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, start. That's for one player.

49. We played about 100 billion shows in our year and a half as a band.

50. I miss college life sometimes.


Fashionably Late

It was inevitable, I suppose, that I join this craze known as blogging. A large majority of my good friends and family have been blogging for quite a while. I have been encouraged numerous times by loved ones to join their digital community. True to form, while I often visited the blogs of said friends, I hesitated to take up residency. My reluctance might be more easily explained by my history with new technology.

It was Fall of the year 2000 that I finally relented and set up an email address. It had become apparent that this "internet fad" was going to stick around for a while. It was a similar situation with the "cellular telephone device." I spent my entire college career preaching the advantages of sticking to a good ol' land line. I concede that I currently own a cellular telephone, and I don't hate it most of the time. Except for when it calls people randomly while sitting in my pocket, and I hear a faint, cheery voice greet me from another dimension. Sorry if you were the recipient of one of these ghost calls. You can thank Samsung for their ingenious design.

So here I am, the newest resident of Bloggerville. I hope this gives me a chance to interact a little more with friends, express myself a little more, and ultimately have a good time doing it. As I stated previously, I have visited Bloggerville on several occasions and thus have picked up on some good post ideas such as: ipod 10 song shuffle, 100 things about me, or the recent "ask me whatever you want." If you have a suggestion for a post, or just general advice to an infant blogger, drop me a line via comment or email.