Now That You're Settled

My parents recently moved homes after a 30 year stay at the Sandy home I grew up in. Needless to say it was a long and labor intensive process for all involved, but they ended up with a perfect house with the space they need in order to facilitate family gatherings. (There are eight of us kids, all married with children.) It has been fun to see their excitement at their new digs, and to spend time with them there.

After a couple of weeks of settling in and unpacking, there was an announcement made in my parents ward that the missionaries in the area need a home to stay in. They were told that it has been requested that the missionaries stay in a member's home. To their everlasting credit, my parents decided that their new home fit the requirements that the mission had detailed and offered their home to the missionaries.

I'm not sure what makes a rational couple invite two 19-21 year old boys into their basement just weeks after purchasing and settling into their new home. I'm left to question their sanity, but I'm also humbled by their dedication to the gospel and the church.


Movie Club - Funny Scene

It doesn't matter how many times I see this scene (or movie), I still laugh out loud. What are your favorite scenes? Post yours on your blog and put a link in the comments. Ready go.


Favorite Christmas Songs

It might seem a bit early, but I'm already starting to think about Christmas music. (I've started talking to a friend about maybe recording some songs for friends and family this year.) I figured I'd open it up to you guys as to what your favorite Christmas songs are. I can't make any promises, but I'm hoping that there is some overlap with what I've been thinking as well as some fresh ideas.


Everything Right Now

I posted this comment on RSL's blog today. It took me a few minutes to write, so I thought I'd put it up here too.

There is a really strange attitude in American soccer fans and RSL fans especially. No matter what happens, there is something to complain about. I think it comes down to what has become a very American attitude - wanting everything right now, without paying the price.

The same people who sell out huge football stadiums all across the U.S. for meaningless pre-season friendlies of European super clubs turn their backs on their home town MLS clubs. They want to have the quality of top European teams, but don't want to do anything to support the domestic league. The English top flight was pretty average in the world for a lot of years. It has risen to the top because of their growing consistent, passionate fan bases who sell out their games, buy tons of merch, and consume lots of beer and chips. The teams have become woven into the fabric of their communities and culture. This takes time.

MLS is set up to be a very even league. Only 2 or 3 teams per year ever really separate themselves from the pack. Most of us thought RSL would be one of those teams this year, and it didn't happen. It's a bummer, but being bitter about it gets to be annoying. For the fans who sit behind me at every game, RSL has never committed a foul. Conversely, RSL is fouled every time they lose the ball. Every referee is out to get RSL. Here's my theory: soccer is a hard process. It is hard to score. It is hard to win. It is hard to perform consistently over an entire season. That is what makes it great.

I don't think that every fan should be an eternal optimist, but calling for the coach or GM's head after every loss or tie gets pretty old. I suffered with all of you through Ellinger's tenure, hoping each game that we could get lucky and score a goal and win a game every once in a while. I had a pretty good idea that we weren't going to do much with Ellinger at the helm, but I still lent my support to the team.

Through it all, I feel like I've matured a bit as a fan. I care a lot about the team, but I've learned to take it for what it ultimately is: entertainment. Home games when the team is clicking and the crowd is into it are great theater and away games are gripping reality tv.


Impromptu Photoshoot at Dusk

A couple of weeks ago I was outside with Abby and Natalie. The light was so perfect and they looked so cute, I grabbed the camera and started snapping away. These were my 3 favorite.



Bueno: Driving through the gorgeous canyon to Logan.
Bueno: Playing a really fun show in Logan Friday night.
Bueno: Finally getting Mony Mony right, and the crowd dancing like crazy.
Bueno: Seeing good friends again. Seeing good friends' kids. Staying with good friends.
Bueno: Breakfast at Angies (where the locals eat) with good friends.
No es Bueno: Accidentally ordering my eggs 'sunny side up.'
No es Bueno: Natalie following suit and accidentally ordering her eggs the same way.
No es Bueno: Sunny side up sounds fun, but can be dangerous.
Bueno: conference.
No es Bueno: stomach ache.
No es Bueno: getting worse.
No es Bueno: Driving home with stomach ache.
No es Bueno: Nausea. Pulling off freeway in Kaysville. Dryheaves.
No es Bueno: Missing Priesthood session with Dad and brothers.
No es Bueno: Throwing up in front of wife, brothers, and nephew.
No es Bueno: Missing post preisthood Wii tennis tournament with Dad and brothers.
Bueno: Sunday conference, no church, chance to recover.