The Champs


Good Blowout, Bad Blowout

Real Salt Lake 6 - 0 New England Revolution = Good.

Coming to a disturbing realization while cleaning food off of Abby's face that her shorts, shirt, and onesie are completely soaked through, and that the moisture only has one logical source = Bad.


City Cup 2009: Recap

After a Spring filled with ugly weather on the weekends, Saturday was absolutely perfect. Sunny and warm with a light breeze combined for the optimum playing and watching environment. Unfortunately, I have not been able to solve the bumpy pitch problem, but it is on the radar. All in all, the level of competition at the tournament was higher than ever. There were multiple teams who were perfectly capable of winning it all. Like any tournament, the winner found the right combination of tactics, skill, opportunism, and luck.

Congratulations are in order for Villareal (team yellow) consisting of all first time winners. James Crowley, Jeff Pappas, and Jeremy Reitz are some of the most enthusiastic supporters and participants at City Cup, and now they are champions. The circumstances of their victory are eerily similar to those of last year's Cup: A yellow team loses a player (last year Connor, this year Brandon) during the knockout stage of the tournament. They are allowed to "draft" a player from one of the eliminated teams. The drafted player is able to step in and immediately provide leadership, organization, and timely goals. Last year it was Chad Mabey who stepped in and helped they yellows to victory, this year it was James.

There were other deserving teams involved. Red, Blue, Green, and Black all looked to be contenders to lift the trophy. In the end, Yellow came through and ensured that a third straight tournament at the Crowleys wouldn't go to Mr. Chad Mabey. (photos to come soon)


To do before City Cup:

  • Weed the yard.
  • Repair white stuff in fence.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Grocery Store.
  • Buy line spray for the field
  • Borrow shade awning from parents.
  • Sprain foot in three places.
  • Get foot sprained by the most annoying player on the most annoying team in the history of indoor soccer.
  • Have foot sprain be the culmination of a very rough night on the field which includes each of the following:
    1. Suffering multiple hard fouls from behind, some of which are incredibly called AGAINST ME!
    2. Manage to have shots from either foot hit both posts within 2 seconds without scoring.
    3. Checking to the ball to receive a pass from Scott, which turned out to be a 50mph shot directly into the jewels from 3 yards away.
    4. After a few minutes of recovering off the field, return just in time to steal the ball from said annoying kid (we'll call him Joe because that's his real name). Joe grabs me from behind and leans his body into mine trapping my foot against the turf with my toes downward. I start to fall forward and he stops leaning. He drops, allowing all of his weight to do the damage as his backside crashes down on my calf forcing my foot to hyper extend under the weight. Three distinct jolts of pain shoot up my leg and I tell Joe exactly what I think of him.
    5. Ref takes no disciplinary action for this disgraceful horror tackle that could have easily ended in a broken foot/ankle/leg and months of recovery.


Easter 2009

Abby's Cousins Josh and Grace

Abby's Cousin Meah




Abby hasn't seen the sun much yet.

A Confession and Some Photos

Confession: Abby might have the impression that I can shoot light through my arm and out the ends of my finger tips into the light fixture from across the room, causing the room to illuminate. I first get her attention with a large, circular arm motion. Then, I throw my arm across my body until it is fully extended with my fingers aimed at the light fixture. At this exact moment, I secretly flip on the light switch while simultaneously shouting "whaaaapeeewww!" I've been pretty consistent with it when I need more light in the kitchen and in her room. She seems to be getting more and more impressed with it as she gets older. It usually produces a squeal of delight along with alternating oblique abdomen flexing.