Song for Millie

Brady is a good friend who I have known since my high school days when we thought we we're 80's skaters (it was the late 1990's). Anyway, he and his lovely wife Amanda have a beautiful young daughter named Millie who is currently battling leukemia. I had been wanting to do something special for their family, and had toyed with the idea of recording a song for her. A few weeks ago, when Amanda posted this request for letters and well wishes, I knew I needed to act. I contacted Amanda for some inspiration for lyrics and sat down with a couple of rough ideas in my head. It probably sounds cliche to say that the words and music poured out of me, but that's really how it felt. I tried to think of the message I would want Abby to hear if she were in the same situation. It was a truly unique and humbling experience. I recorded it at my house with minimal equipment and some great help with back up vocals and claps from Natalie. You can listen to the song here. (Lyrics after the break.)


Trinidad and Tobago Take City Cup 2010

Another City Cup has come and gone, and everyone at this house is completely exhausted. It was so great to see so many good friends in one place. Unfortunately, I was constantly running (literally) to  one place or another so my conversations tended to be very brief.

This year The champion came from the 8th seed of the knockout stages. Brothers Garrett and Grant Davis, and Jeff Petty formed the red clad Trinidad and Tobago. Like Italy in the 2006 Wold Cup, they seemed to find better and better form as the tournament progressed.

Having lost their first two games, they were not expected to advance past the first knockout game vs. the heavily favored #1 seed Greenland United who were led by the goal scoring wizard Scott Riddle. T & T shocked everyone, dominating the game from the opening whistle. They powered through a tough fought semi-final match verses the talented (and good looking) Amish Country Football Club. In the final, they faced The All Blacks who had advanced thanks to a controversial but correct (sorry Chad, John, and Jayden) decision on the game winning goal.


Old School Crew

Today, I created a new blog header for postfontaine. I think my favorite is the Imogen Heap guy. I would love to see a tough guy in a denim jacket sporting a giant Imogen Heap patch.


The Cup

Let the trash talking begin...



Just Rolling With It

As I was perusing the Mother's Day section in the card aisle at Macey's tonight (only the best for my wife and my mom) I was once again amused by cheesy aesthetic of every Mother's Day card on display. It was as if each design had been through several rounds of modification to ensure it had obtained a sufficient cheese level. I decided in this special holiday post, I would just roll with the established aesthetic. With no further adieu, I give you a creative writing project (poem?) where each line begins with the letters of my wife's name spelled from top to bottom.

N is for neat because you are in every sense of the word.
A is for accomplish because you always finish what you start.
T is for temper, because I know you must have one. I just haven't seen it yet.
A is for I already told you what "a" stands for and I don't want to be redundant.
L is for laughter because love is a given.
I is for me because you take care of this being in every person, tense, or application.
E is for everything else I ever have or ever will thank you for (which is a lot.)

A note to the reader: In order for this to be a true Mother's Day post, I must ensure that this selection meets the required cheese standards. Please inform me if I need to ramp up the cheesy goodness to KRAFT macaroni levels.