September In Photos and Moving Pictures

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Sorry about my mid-movie sneeze.


When You've Hit Rock Bottom

For the past 16 months, I've worked in downtown Salt Lake City just a few blocks from the homeless shelter. Needless to say, I see a lot of homeless people, and I've noticed an interesting trend among many of these down on their luck folks. While they may have lost their jobs, homes, cars, families, and friends, they hold dearly to one thing: right of way. As pedestrians traversing the busy downtown streets, on multiple occasions I have seen homeless men exercise this right to its fullest and most liberal extent. Sure, the light is red. Sure, there are 1,500 pound vehicles driving 40 mph both directions through a green light. Sure enough, one lesson from drivers ed stuck for these stalwart and determined souls, the pedestrian always has the right of way.


Front and Back



First of all, thanks to everyone who made County Cup 2008 a resounding success. We hope that these events become a summer tradition for us all. The weather was beautiful, the goals were flowing, and the food was delicious.

For me, the goal of the tornament was Scott's full-field chip over everyone right into the back of the net at the end of the first half in the final match. In the end, Scott, Garrett, and Jeff were outlasted by Chad, Shane, and Austin. Yes, Chad took another back yard cup and a tournament MVP to boot.

Lacey took some great photos at the Cup. Check them out here.

Abby Has a Question...


11 Things I love about Natalie

(I hope this post isn't too mushy for my general readership. I just feel like I need to show some appreciation to my better half. )

1. Her blue eyes.
They are the most incredibly lively and beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

2. Her profile. For some reason, she doesn't like her profile. It is so pretty. (I'm not talking about myspace or facebook. I'm talking about her face from the side.)

3. Her sense of humor. Sometimes she says something really sarcastic and hilarious and true that really makes me laugh.

4. Her demeanor. One of the first things that attracted me to Natalie was that she was comfortable and confident with herself and others.

5. Her reliability. She is so reliable about certain things that I allow myself to slack. I need to work on that.

6. She is so good with Abby.

7. She is an anchor for me.
When I am worried, angry, or struggling with something, she helps me see the bigger picture. She is supportive and caring.

8. She has become a soccer fan. Either she is a good actor and the truth will come out years from now, or she really does enjoy watching RSL and USMNT games with me.

9. She also has a sweet tooth, and makes delicious desserts, snacks, and meals.

10. She is a good critic. She always gives me an honest assessment of my creative work, even when I don't welcome it like I should. It is always useful and valuable information.

11. She is a real trooper. Throughout the pregnancy and continuing through labor and delivery, Natalie never really complained much. She just continued steadily on, finding humor and light moments to ease the pain and discomfort.


Washington Oregon Trip (July 08)

World's Largest Spruce Tree

Prickly Flower (Butchart Gardens)

Another Flower (Butchart Gardens)

Cool Little Flowers (Butchart Gardens)

Our niece, Meah.

Fountain (Butchart Gardens)

(Butchart Gardens)

(Butchart Gardens)

American Gothic (sort of)

Our darling neice, Kiera.