Memory Street

That thing where you share funny, touching, embarrassing, or other stories about me. You can share stories about Natalie as well. That way, she might read my blog... I'm not bitter.


Facial Fur

After over a week of camping, I have the beginnings of a pretty respectable beard. I might try to push my luck with Natalie, but it will most likely not last much longer. Enjoy it while it lasts.


More Glossy Flyers


If My Life Were An Eighties Movie...

I would be in a sweet montage set to a Bruce Springsteen song about the working man. It would show me hefting furniture boxes into my van, struggling to assemble various baby furniture, reading directions, sanding and refinishing furniture, helping Natalie reupholster the glider rocker, painting canvasses, and hanging blinds and curtains. I 'm waiting for the part where I hang the last picture on the wall, step back, put my arm around Natalie, and look tired as the camera pans around the completed baby nursery. The song does a fade out at this point.


Meet The Locals: Mellow Edition

It's time for another edition of meet the locals. Featured today are some bands that are low in aggression, high in talent. I really like a band that knows how to rock, but there are times that a slightly softer voice really hits the spot. With that in mind here are two locals who don't disappoint.

The Devil Whale
visit the devil whale's myspace page
Singer Brinton Jones' voice is slightly reminiscent of Coldplay's Chris Martin. If you are not a fan of Coldplay, don't let that dissuade you from listening to this fine acoustic indie/folk act. It is rare that such polished songwriting and sound comes from a local artist. Be sure to listen to: Butter for Burns, If This House Fails, and Conscience A Friend Who Lies.

visit mushman's myspace page
If this description were to be condensed into a single phrase it would read: The Shins of Salt Lake. Don't get the wrong idea, Mushman are not a cheap rip off of The Shins. However, it's difficult not to draw the comparison while listening to the witty lyrics set to infectious, eclectic melodies. Be sure to listen to: Spaceman and Eddie's Balloon.


Tagged... I'm It.

Jeremy and Amanda tagged me quite a while ago with this one, so it is about time I respond.

Three Joys
1. Scoring goals in soccer. I'm like a little kid when it happens, and I have to try to restrain my emotions to keep from looking really ridiculous. (This also applies when RSL scores goals while I'm watching.)
2. Writing and playing music with band mates. There is something really rewarding about bringing ideas, talents, and specialties together in a creative, organic endeavor.
3. Teaching the gospel. I wouldn't say I'm a natural, but every once in a while a lesson goes really well, and it is great to have a part in it.

Three Fears
1. Clowns.
2. Selfishness/Pride.
3. Complacency.

Three goals
1. Be a great dad.
2. Continue to get together often with friends even after the baby comes.
3. Enjoy my job and exceed expectations.

Three current obsessions/collections
1. Real Salt Lake.
2. Self-improvement
3. Nesting mode

Three random surprising facts about me
1. I've had a couple warts on my left hand for years. I finally got them treated by a doctor yesterday.
2. My favorite store is D.I. You never quite know what you're going to come across
3. After I play soccer, my mind systematically reviews all the plays I was involved in. It can be very annoying when I'm trying to fall asleep.


Rude Awakening (Never Cry Wolf)

This story starts a couple months ago, during a visit from my in-laws. We were getting into our car, when our across the street neighbor stopped by to tell us that their house had been broken into that morning. She told us that she was working in her basement office when she heard somebody coming through the window. She screamed at the top of her lungs and scared the intruders off, who got into their car and proceeded to another house in our neighborhood where they were foiled again in their attempts to break in. The intruders were identified as a male and female in their early twenties driving an old silver compact. Our neighbor's story certainly frightened us, especially the boldness and recklessness of the assailants.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks, Natalie and I are fast asleep at 5:59 am. We are awakened by a loud, frantic rapping on our front door. Nine boisterous, distinct knocks rhythmically placed within a two second window of time. I shot up fast enough to have to sit back down on the bed and let the blood flow back to my head as Natalie gasped, "go see who it is!" Being in my underwear, I decided to run across the hall and try to get a look at the porch from the window in the nursery. The rushed nature of the knocking led me to expect to see one of two things at my door, a distressed neighbor seeking shelter and assistance, or an officer of the law hot on the heels of a criminal.

I saw nothing but a quiet street bathed in the early morning sun. I quickly went back to my room and threw on some clothes so I could check the perimeter of the house. Everything was in order and there were no signs of a break in, but that didn't stop my heart from beating a thousand times per second. Standing in the backyard, I realized I should go back to check on my wife and unborn daughter. I rushed up the stairs and found Natalie where I had left her, in bed with the sheets pulled up to her chin. She told me how the baby had been kicking like crazy, obviously sensing the tension in her mother.

A couple weeks earlier my Dad had been cleaning out the garage and discovered a .22 rifle that he had given me for my 16th birthday. He sent me home with it after a visit one night. Not knowing what to do with it, I hid it in the top of our walk-in closet. Seeing my wife in distress reminded me of the weapon at my disposal and the fact that I hadn't yet checked the basement. I grabbed the empty rifle and headed down the stairs. An intruder wouldn't know the gun was empty and at least I would have something to club him with if it came to it. I thoroughly checked the basement, and found nothing. As I walked through the rest of the house again I noticed out the window some teenagers walking down the street on their way to school. I hypothesized that it could have been one of my scouts "doorbell ditching." We eventually went back to sleep just in time to wake up for work. We were a little shaken by the mysterious knock, but we continued on with our day.

Fast forward a couple weeks. It happens again. The same time. The same frantic knock. The same rush to the window, this time a good five seconds faster. The same property-wide search. Still no sign of an intruder. We lay in bed and go over the details in the mystery.

Fast forward a couple weeks. 5:59 am. It happens, and this time we lay in bed with our thinking caps on. Jaded and wiser. It is the same time, same EXACT noise. What have all of these instances had in common?

...Automatic sprinkers...

Each instance had coincided with the instigation of our automatic sprinkling system. The loud knocking noise was made by the water pipes in our house. We chuckled at our selves as we felt the adrenaline levels return to normal, and we drifted off to sleep.

5:59 am. This morning. It happens again. My head lifts off the pillow for half a second. Within 10 seconds I am back to sleep. For those of you who have endured this story and are still with me, now is a good time for a mental "note to self."



Beautiful West Jordan Home For Sale

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