It's Alive!

This blog has been mostly dead for a few consecutive months now, I'm sorry to say. It just seemed like I needed a big reason to blog again because it had been so long. Well big reasons have come and gone and I continued my neglect of this digital space. Life is good, and life is busy. There have been ups and downs, but mostly ups.

Lately, some people who I care about deeply are in the midst of incredibly trying times. It brings me down when I think about it, and I've had a heavy heart for a couple of weeks now. With the sadness though comes more reliance on faith and a greater desire to help and support where I can. We certainly are never helpless, never comfortless, and never without a friend.

There is incredible strength in the bonds that we share with our family and friends. Courage and hope can be drawn from the most simple of gestures and connections. I recognize the need in myself to improve in my ability and willingness to act.

I've learned that gratitude is the most effective remedy for sadness and sorrow. Everyday I'm more and more grateful for my family. Natalie is an absolute rock. The best partner I could ever wish for in this life. Abby is the most fun person I've ever met. She is so full of life and energy. She amazes and inspires me every day, and she makes me laugh constantly. From her lips have been uttered some of the most pure and sincere and beautiful prayers I've ever heard.


Tiffany said...

Good to see you back. I love you, brother.

Master said...
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Lindy-Lou said...

I had no idea you were blogging again. I just clicked on it because it had been a long time and there you are!! So good to have you back!