Song for Millie

Brady is a good friend who I have known since my high school days when we thought we we're 80's skaters (it was the late 1990's). Anyway, he and his lovely wife Amanda have a beautiful young daughter named Millie who is currently battling leukemia. I had been wanting to do something special for their family, and had toyed with the idea of recording a song for her. A few weeks ago, when Amanda posted this request for letters and well wishes, I knew I needed to act. I contacted Amanda for some inspiration for lyrics and sat down with a couple of rough ideas in my head. It probably sounds cliche to say that the words and music poured out of me, but that's really how it felt. I tried to think of the message I would want Abby to hear if she were in the same situation. It was a truly unique and humbling experience. I recorded it at my house with minimal equipment and some great help with back up vocals and claps from Natalie. You can listen to the song here. (Lyrics after the break.)


Close your eyes, think of what you'll be
And everywhere you'll go and what you'll see.
A cowgirl on the range, or an astronaut in space,
Or a mommy with a babe, or all of these.

Millie Millie no matter what you do
We'll be right by your side
To share it all with you.
Millie Millie look around you'll see
Nothing but faith and hope from friends and family.
You're gonna fight fight fight 'till the sun goes down
Fight fight fight for the whole year round
You're gone smile and hope and believe.

What is red if we have no green?
The blue without the orange means nothing.
The shadows violet haze
Cast from the burning golden rays.
How can you pick a favorite one
From all you've seen?

Millie Millie you'll always have a friend
Someone to pick you up and dust you off again.
Millie Millie look around you'll see
Nothing but faith and hope from friends and family.


Tilt your head, look up to the sky
And in the starry night you'll see a satellite.
And you can touch it with your eyes,
And you can wish inside your heart,
And it will be your shooting star every night.



Brady said...

Jesse - you are the man! We love the song, and appreciate your support more than you know.

Annie said...

How sweet! I wish the best for Millie and her family.

Leslie said...

You are amazing! Thanks for using your many and wonderful talents for good!

Tiffany said...

I love the song so much. I can only imagine what it means to Millie and her family!

Jeremy said...

Like I've already said, the song is fantasic!

And hey, sure it was the 90s, but we were just trying to being back the old school and keep it real. Just more proof that our friends were super-rad-awesome. Period.

Leslie said...

Hey, Jess. Can we buy this song? Maybe the proceeds could go to Millie and fam?

Lindy-Lou said...

Love the song. Love you. Love all children, including little Millie. God bless.

James said...


Loved the song.

Dede said...

What a sweet song.

Jesse C said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I do like Leslie's idea. You could just send a donation straight to their family. I can email you contact info if you like.

Amanda said...

I am so behind on everyone's blogs and I am trying to catch up. Thank you again for Millie's song. You are truly talented. Millie and I listen to it about once a day and dance around. If she is having a hard time (or I am), we put it on. It takes away all the negative emotions we are having and turns then into something positive.
Thank you.