Another Interview with Abby

Q: How are things?
A: Good, with this ring that I'm sucking on. (a ring pop)

Q: What did you do last night?
A: Went to a fun place. Um, I played games and went on a ride but I don't know which ride. An animal ride and the spiderman car. Last night on the spiderman car there's a red moving thing in the car. That thing, I like that thing that's in there.

Q: What prizes did you get?
A: I got this one (showing her ring pop) if you touch it with your hand, it's all sticky.

Q: Did you call a boy this week?
A: Hunter. I called Hunter.

Q: Why did you call Hunter?
A: Because I wanted to say I'm marrying him.

Q: Did you learn any new songs this week?
A: (singing) Rain come, rain come, down down down come play and I really love you and come to my birthday and I'll ask my mom and you can ask your mom?

Q: Wow! Did you just barely make up that song?
A: Yeah.

Q: Do you know you're really good at making up songs?
A: Well, I kind of don't.


Brandi said...

I love my future daughter-in-law! So cute!

TS Khupchong said...


Brady said...

These seriously crack me up. So cute!

hack2flack said...

Love the format! May have to copy it in my blog! Best, Mark

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