Interview with Abby: Christmas Edition

Abby: Knock knock
me: Whose there?
Abby: Orange
me: Orange who?
Abby: Orange you say banana

Q: How was your Thanksgiving trip?
A: Good

Q: What did you do?
A: Play with my friends. Seth said to go downstairs because there was a bad guy there so I killed him with Ollie's gun.

Q: What else did you do?
A: Play with Brianna. Hey, I drinked my chocolate milk all gone. (Speaking to Mom) He's making letters huh? (points to the computer) That thing is making letters.

Q: What do you want for Christmas?
A: Some baby clothes and a barbie.

Q: What does Santa do?
A: (laughs) Plays with kids.

Q: What are you learning in school?
A: Sings ABC song while shaking a maraca wildly.

Q: When is Christmas?
A: In five weeks.

Q: What do we do on Christmas
A: Put up our decorations. (Sings Santa Clause is Coming to Town)

Q: What are you getting Mom for Christmas?
A:  I will let her have a angel. Mommy, you're going to get an angel for Christmas.

Q: What do you want to get Dad for Christmas?
A: Uh ahh. A singing trumpet.


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